Kung-Fu Election

This clever little parody flash game from Atom Films, Kung Fu Election pitted all the candidates of the 2008 upcoming US election in Mortal Kombat style death match fighting.

Introduced in 2008, Kung-Fu Election, was a Mortal Kombat  knock-off fighting game starring Republican and Democratic primary front-runners. The game is fairly deep, boasting three attack buttons plus special moves, but it was the intro video that snared us and we've been playing ever since!!. 

This was just one of many websites that posted this game in 2008.


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Choose your favorite candidates and battle it out in this Mortal Kombat style flash game.



Basically a parody/satire of our dysfunctional political system in which partisan players duke it out in combat. Love the costumes and the artistic details that make politics into a battleground yet laden with humor and nonsense to keep it interesting. Especially love the female characters, which you can outfit with amazing weaponry and jewelry that look like they came straight from the artist - gorgeous statement rings and choker collar necklaces that contain hidden offensive weapons. The chokers actually choke the opposition and the statement rings become lances and laser weapons. Very fun, very funny, very enjoyable! No need to vote, just get out there and KILL! - contributed by Jon Elias


The main objective is to kill your opponent. You can be Obama, Romney, Hillary, Rudy, etc.  Rudy is vicious and true to form. Weaponry includes amazing blades ala Wolverine, and lots of other deadly items that you can use to destroy your opponent.  Music is appropriately radical, there's lots of blood, and when you decapitate someone, you get a big cheer from the peanut gallery.  It's the coliseum of political warfare with players you'll recognize and tactics normally used in martial arts and shoot 'em ups.  You'll play this game instead of arguing over policy - much better use of your time. - contributed by Mark Hadd.


Search Ops has a post on an experimental seo project that the veteran team at TNG/Earthling has committed to. Led by TNG/E's Rev Sale, Their simply stated goal is to rank at the top of the Google search for the word "nothing" - which has over a billion documents in Google. This is relevant, because this is the same team that was responsible for the record breaking organic traffic to Kung Fu Election.


At a dinner party about a month ago we started reminiscing about Kung Fu Election and wishing there was an update to encompass the present Trump presidency and his appointees. It seemed like such a disconnect discussing Kung Fu Election while sitting on the stunning italian modern dining furniture in my friends beautiful contemporary condo they had recently bought. Kung Fu Election was popular during our early college grunge years. A lot had happened in the past decade. All of us were appalled by the results of the 2016 election. Playing an updated "Trump" version of Kung Fu Election, if there were one, would be carthartic for all of us. Alas, no new version of Kung Fu Election is forthcoming.